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Magic that Inspires

Supporting Schools & Non-Profit Organizations

Jonathan Sky's

Magic is about exceeding expectations. It challenges what you think is possible and piques curiosity like almost nothing else. Some might say you need supernatural abilities or perhaps years of apprenticeship to make magic, but I believe that it is those who go above and beyond to invest in the lives of others who create the true magic in our communities.

I’ve benefited personally from mentors, teachers, and organizations that have ‘created magic’ throughout my community, despite their lack of funding and proper recognition. Yet, these prominent members and organizations did not let these circumstances hinder them from inspiring and investing in their community.

That is why we donate professional magic shows and inspirational assembly programs to non-profit organizations at no cost to the them. Our schools and non-profits are then able to use the magic show to raise funds and awareness for their cause. Through these influential events, we inspire the next generation of leaders to be magic makers in their communities.

Magically Yours,

Jonathan Sky

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