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The Magic Classroom

Imagination & Ingenuity

Why Learn Magic?

“Learning magic requires self-discipline, an understanding of how other people think, and the ability to entertain."

- Psychologist  Richard Wiseman


Inventing or developing a magic trick involves problem-solving, learning how to think outside the box, and inspires the use of imagination and creativity.

  • Blend Concepts from a Variety of Disciplines

  • Be Rewarded for Innovative Thinking 

  • Practice Brainstorming & Mind-Mapping Techniques


Psychologists in England discovered that performing magic proved more effective at promoting social skills and confidence than a standard lesson commonly used to increase self-esteem.

  • Boost Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Learn to Think from Other's Perspectives

  • Overcome Shyness & Social Anxiety


Magic inspires curiosity and learning. Creative writing skills are also used in creating "patter" scripts to go along with tricks.

  • Rediscover the Joy of Learning

  • Stimulate a Thirst for Knowledge

  • Develop Creative Writing Skills


Performing magic inspires us with wonder and causes us to reconsider what we can achieve. It also provides the opportunity to take our ideas from concept phase to reality.

  • Work on Big "Impossible" Goals

  • Develop Ideas from Concept to Reality

  • Build Self-Discipline & Work Ethic


Magic often requires the use of design when inventing and building new props.

  • Develop Arts & Crafts Skills 

  • Improve Dexterity & Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Make Money Performing Magic...

“The Ultimate Resource is Resourcefulness."

- Tony Robbins

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

"Creativity is putting your imagination to work and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture."

- Ken Robinson

- Warren Buffet

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