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Frequently Asked Questions

The Magic Classroom

Imagination & Ingenuity

Are Classes only for beginners?

No, classes are intended for beginners up through intermediate-level magicians. Intermediate magicians will also learn new ideas for presenting familiar classics and be able to refine their routine in workshops.

Who Teaches the CLasses?

Jonathan Sky teaches most classes. Because of his touring schedule, we cannot gaurantee his teaching at every class, so in the event of a conflict, arrangements for an experienced substitute teacher will be made.

Do I need to buy any materials?

No, all materials needed for the class will be provided.

When are the SHowcases?

Studio Showcases for private lessons are once every four months. Summer camp showcases are at the end of each camp. Showcases are open to the public, free of charge.

What if my Child has to miss a Class?

For private lessons, refunds are issued if notice is given 24 hours before the appointment. There are no refunds for missing classes when enrolled in summer camps, as students will still receive props and materials for the days missed.

Sibling Discount?

There is a 10% discount when a parent is paying for 2 or more siblings (applies automatically). Not valid for signing up one student for multiple weeks.

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