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Apply to see if you qualify for a FREE magic show

And potentially make THOUSANDS of dollars for your organization!

Magic that Inspires

Supporting Schools & Non-Profit Organizations

Jonathan Sky's

Your organization may qualify for:

- A Spectacular 60-minute Magic Show at no cost!

- 50% Donation of Ticket Sales!

- Free Publicity & Promotion - no advertising needed on you end!

And Schools may also qualify for:

- Jonathan Sky's Educational & Inspirational Assembly Program (Value $600)

"Entreprenuership, Goal Setting, and the Magic of Creative Thinking"


- Must be an active US non-profit organization

- Able to secure a venue with 300+ seats

- Able to set a show date within the next 5 months

Bonus Benefits:

- Easy Online Ticketing

- Custom Printed Flyers & Posters

- 20 Free Show Tickets for your Organization

- Concession Stand Privileges

- Back of Room Table/Booth for Sales, Signups, or Donations

- Opportunities to Raise Money through Community Champions

Apply Today!

Thanks! Message sent.

Why is Jonathan Sky willing to offer these shows? 

Through the generosity of community champions, every show I put on allows me to go into schools and deliver the information that has changed my life - at no cost to the schools. I share what has allowed me to travel around the world, win competitions, and perform at historic venues, despite unforeseen setbacks.

I currently teach an after-school course by Venture Lab which teaches the entrepreneur's mindset and skill set to students in elementary and middle school. I believe this information is needed now more than ever.

I love sharing the value of learning the entrepreneur's skill set and way of thinking. Students learn how it involves identifying needs, brainstorming creative solutions, taking calculated risks, learning from failure, and persevering despite setbacks. In short, it’s about having a vision and making it a reality.

I believe anyone can be entrepreneurial in their own way and in fact many kids are naturals at it (think back to that summer you spent selling lemonade as a kid!). Even artists and doctors may open their own gallery or practice. That’s why I encourage the entrepreneurial mindset—the ability to learn from failure, be resourceful and confident, and work well with others to bring your ideas to life.

By letting me help your organization raise funds and awareness, you allow me to create more value for the local schools and my community champions. And I am constantly inspired by the work of non-profits. You keep me motivated to help others and I would love to be able to return the favor.

- Jonathan Sky

Apply before dates disappear

Shows are strictly on a first come, first serve basis

Magically create funds and awareness for your cause

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