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IS there a commitment?

The Magic Classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

What if My Child has experience performing magic?

That's great! We divide classes more often by age or grade rather than by "level of difficulty" mostly because level of difficulty is sometimes arbitrary in magic. Even the world's most accomplished magicians still perform "easy" tricks, but they are masterpieces because the other staging elements are well thought out. And in fact most tricks are easy, even if they look difficult (remember they're supposed to look impossible). The exception is difficult sleight of hand which magicians often love for the challenge - which is introduced to students gradually.

Who Teaches the CLasses?

Jonathan Sky teaches most classes. Because of his touring schedule, we cannot gaurantee his teaching at every class, so in the event of a conflict, arrangements for an experienced substitute teacher will be made.

How long does each CLass go for?

Each class is an hour in length. The first 20 minutes are usually spent on group activities, games, and excercises that boost confidence and creativity. The middle 20 minutes are spent learning new tricks and techniques. And the last 20 minutes are often set aside for workshops and rehearsing routines in preparation for the studio showcase.

Do I need to buy any materials?

Any materials needed for the class will be provided at no extra cost.

imagination & Ingenuity

Paying for single lessons at a time entails no commitment. Month subscriptions are a great way to save money and are a commitment for the whole month. The subscription can be cancelled up to the first week of the month.

How do I cancel my month subscription?

Log into paypal. Select profile and settings. Select my money. In the automatic payments section, click manage automatic payments. Select Jonathan Sky Magic and click cancel.

When are the SHowcase Shows?

Studio Showcases are once every four months (with the exception of the summer camp showcases which are at the end of each camp). The details of the next studio showase can be found on the bottom of the "Classes" main page.

What if my Child has to miss a week?

Refunds can be given with 24 hour notice before the appointment for private lessons. There are no refunds for missing classes when enrolled in monthly subscription plan as you can collect the materials and lessons for missed weeks and continue to access the library and online resource page. 

Sibling Discount?

There is a 10% discount for 2 or more students when it is the same adult paying for lessons.

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