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The Magic Classroom

- Discover the Art of Imagination -

Learn the Secrets of Magic

And Amaze your friends!

. . . . .

Learn to Perform:

Card Tricks

Coin Sleight-of-Hand

Vanishing a Cellphone

The Cups and Balls

The Cut-and-Restored Rope

Math Magic
Dinner Table Magic



Balloon Animals

Stage Illusions


While Learning About:

Showmanship for Magicians

Finding your Character

Comedy & Improvisation

Mime & Stage Movement

Creating Original Magic

Putting on Your Own Show

Making Money in Show Business

4 BIG Benefits:

“Learning magic requires self-discipline, an understanding of how other people think, and the ability to entertain"

- Prof. Richard Wiseman


“The No. 1 Resource in the World is... Resourcefulness!"

- Tony Robbins

“Imagination is more Important than Knowledge.”

- Albert Einstein

Showing and teaching the children magic tricks encourages skills, such as self-discipline - unless you practice magic skills you will fail - and critical thinking. It also helps children to think from another person's perspective, and consider how they are feeling," said Prof Richard Wiseman, Psychologist  

  • Rediscover the Joy of Learning

  • Stimulate a Thirst for Knowledge

  • Develop Creative Writing Skills

  • Practice Memorization Techniques

  • Learn to Write Jokes

A true magician is understands that knowledge is power. Creative writing skills are also used in creating "patter" scripts to go along with tricks.


  • Discover the Value of Originality 

  • Learn How to Brainstorm Ideas 

  • Blend Dissimilar Concepts

  • Draw from a Variety of Disciplines

  • Practice Mind-Mapping Techniques

  • Be Rewarded for Innovative Thinking 

  • Rethink what's "Impossible"

Inventing or developing a magic trick involves problem-solving, learning how to think outside the box, and inspires the use of imagination and creativity.


  • Develop Achievement-Oriented Behavior

  • Understand the Value of Practice & Preparation 

  • Develop Self-Discipline 

  • Practice Multi-Tasking & Planning

  • Learn How to Approach Complex Problems

  • Develop a Positive Work Ethic

Performing magic inspires us with wonder and causes us to reconsider what we can achieve. It also provides the opportunity to take our ideas from concept phase to reality.


  • Increase Sociability & Confidence

  • Reduce the Fear of Public Speaking

  • Improve Interpersonal Skills

  • Practice Verbalizing Your Thoughts

  • Boost Self-Esteem

  • Learn to Build Rapport

  • Think from Different Perspectives

  • Reduce Social Anxiety & Shyness

Performing magic can have a profound effect on one's confidence and self-esteem. Psychologists in England discovered that performing magic proved more effective at promoting social skills and confidence than a standard lesson commonly used to increase self-esteem.


  • Develop Hand-Eye Coordination 

  • Develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills 

  • Improve Dexterity 

  • Become an Entertainer 

  • Gain Popularity 

  • Make Money Performing Magic Part-Time 

  • Take Interest in New Technologies & Innovations

  • Develop Arts & Crafts Skills

  • Develop Handyman and Prop Building Skills

  • Learn how to make Quick Fixes

  • Learn how to Build Simple Machines 

  • Learn Graphic Design

  • Learn Costume Design

  • Learn to how to Direct & Produce Theater

  • Understand Show Marketing & Promotion

  • Understand the Importance of Branding

Building magic tricks requires the use of drawing, design, crafting and other artistic skills.


No Experience Needed! 

We take you from beginner to advanced!

Creativity, artistry, & Imagination

How to THINK like a Magician!


The Ultimate Magician's Training Course

Enroll Today!

"How to Think, Act, and Create like a Magician"

Learn the ropes... and many other tricks!



Increase Social Confidence

Brainstorm/MindMapping Techniques

Learn that anything is possible once you know how

The No. 1 Resource in the world is "Resourcefulness"

Classes maximum 12 size 

Classes are 1.5 hours

Middle School and High School

Adults Private 1-on-1 lessons available HERE

$99 a month, weekly lessons

Reviews... I need reviews... ugh

$99 a month


Weekly 60-minute Class (limit 12 persons)

All Required Props & Materials

Instructional Books, & DVD's

Professional DVD of every Performance (3 Each Year)

Billing is the 1st of the month

Paid monthly

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