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Learn how to think like a magician...

Magic Academy

Jonathan Sky's

THe art of imagination

The "Super Secret" School where Kids Learn:

School of Magic & Illusion

Jonathan Sky's

THe art of imagination

Magic Technique, Entrepreneurship, & Imagination

Creativity, artistry, & Imagination

Imagination with Ingenuity, Inventive, Intelligence, Innovative, industrious

Sleight of Hand, Science, & Social Skills

Imagination, Innovation, and Ingenuity

To Inspire...

Tradition, Innovation, & imagination

To develop and teach Magic, Creativity, & Imagination

How to THINK like a Magician!


The Ultimate Magician's Training Course

School of Sleight of Hand

Academy for Aspiring Magicians

Magic Foundations 

"Foundations of Magic, Illusions, and Sleight-of-Hand"

School of Magic & Illusion

Jonathan Sky's School of Magic & Illusion

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"How to Think, Act, and Create like a Magician"


the course that teaches the foundations of magic to Expert


Foundational Magic

Magic Fundamentals

"FUNdamental Magic"

The Magic Fundamentals


Learn the ropes... and many other tricks!


Jonathan Sky's Course for Magic, Creativity, and Imagination


Magic, Acting, and Business Course

Business, Acting, and Magic Course (B.A.M.) 

Thinking Magically



Increase Social Confidence

Be a Creative Problem Solver

Overcome Stage Fright

Brainstorm/MindMapping Techniques


Learn Improv & Comedy

How to start a Career in Show business

How to Create/Promote events

Entrepreneurship Skills

Learn that anything is possible once you know how

The No. 1 Resource in the world is "Resourcefulness"

Hand Dexterity Techniques/Excercises

think outside the Box

Be more Social

Life of the Party

Director, Producer

Costume Design, learn how to sow

How to use power tools

Arts & Crafts

Graphic Design 101


How to Tie Different Knots

Sound Engineering 101 maybe... 

Stage Techniques

Lighting and Sound Design

How to produce shows

Make money in 3 months - course can pay for itself...

Life Goals/Plans worksheets

Overcome fear of Failure

Overcome Procrastination

and MORE...

You'll LEARN:

A new trick each week

Arts and Crafts Projects

Performance opportunities

Brainstorming Techniques

Mind Mapping

Goal Setting 

Acting Techniques

Creative Writing Excercises

Improv Basics

Sleight of Hand

Prop Building

How to create your own tricks

How to make money performing magic

Basics of Show Business

Classes maximum 12 size 

Classes are 1.5 hours

Middle School and High School

Adults Private 1-on-1 lessons available HERE

$99 a month, weekly lessons

Reviews... I need reviews... ugh

$99 a month


Weekly 90-minute Class (limit 12 persons)

All Required Props & Materials

Instructional Books, & DVD's

Professional DVD of every Performance (3 Each Year)

Billing is the 1st of the month

Paid monthly

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